HM8118 200 kHz LCR Bridge & Meter
 Key facts
❙❙ Basic accuracy: 0.05 %
❙❙ Measurement functions: L, C, R, |Z|, X, |Y|, G, B, D, Q, Φ,Δ, M, N
❙❙ Test frequencies: 20 Hz to 200 kHz
❙❙ Up to twelve measurements per second
❙❙ Parallel and serial mode
❙❙ HO118 binning interface (optional) for automatic sorting of components
❙❙ Internal programmable voltage and current bias
❙❙ Transformer parameter measurement
❙❙ External capacitor bias up to 40 V
❙❙ Kelvin cable and 4-wire SMD test adapter included
❙❙ Galvanically isolated USB/RS-232 interface,optionally IEEE 488 (GPIB)


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