Solore Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd., found in 1998, is a leading provider of advanced electronic measurement products and services for business, government and education in Taiwan


  • Industry:
    R&D, testing, manufacturing, quality control, simulation and employee training.
  • Research institutions:
    Consultation, provide solutions from laboratory design to system integration.
  • Educational institutions:
    Graduate schools, universities, colleges and vocational schools, provide solutions from laboratory design to system integration. 
  • Electronic motors, photo electronics, electronic control, telecommunication, consumer electronics, measuring and analyses instruments in semiconductor design.
  • Sensory and control devices for manufacturing automation, provide services from engineering design to system integration.
  • Teaching and training equipments.
  • PC-based software.

Business philosophy:

Professionalism , innovation , honesty, responsibility and dedication.


  TEL: 04-231-00-231  地址: 407台中市西屯區大恩街13號1樓  E-mail :  
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